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Earthing pipe clamp, 15mm

Earthing pipe clamp, 15mm
If an Earthed mains outlet is not available in a convenient location, then a possible alternative is to connect your Earthing product to a metal water pipe (e.g. a radiator pipe).

Metal water pipes are generally connected to mains Earth for safety reasons. The pipe must be metal and it may be necessary to remove a small area of paint to get a good electrical connection to the bare metal.

To verify if a metal water pipe is Earthed, it's necessary to measure the resistance from the pipe to the earth outside, or to the mains earth. This is not always convenient to do and will probably involve using long wires, so you may find it easier to consult a local electrician who should be able to verify if your house water pipes are connected to Earth.

The clamp will fit pipes from 11mm to 16mm, and accepts a standard connection cord.  In the photo it is shown fitted to a 15mm pipe.
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